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First Coast Pickleball

Skill Ratings

Skill Ratings

We will be expanding this section with a lot more info soon.

Playing in our leagues will not affect any ratings that you currently have. This is a for-fun league, so play stress free!

We use a numbered system similar to DUPR and others.

Assuming you already play pickleball, you’ll know about where you stand in your skill rating. Please use this knowledge of your rating to join the league most appropriate.

We allow self-rating, etc. Play with some people to get an idea of where you stand if you don’t have any official ratings already.

Upon joining a team, captains and other players can help determine that you are in the correct skill division.

DO NOT Lie about your rating, sandbag, etc to gain an advantage. If you are caught doing this intentionally, we may suspend you for the remainder of the season and reprimand others that knew/assisted you. If it is unintentional, we can understand. We want everyone to have fun while playing pickleball, so please keep it enjoyable!


Below is a copy-paste from about some of the ratings, we recommend visiting for a very good overview of ratings.

  • 1.0-2.0 – Beginners
  • 2.5 – You have played pickleball a few times and have a basic understanding of the sport (the play and the scoring).
  • 3.0 – You can have the odd short rally without hitting the ball out or into the net. You are very aware of your clumsy footwork around the court.
  • 3.5 – You are starting to master some fundamentals and consistency with ground strokes, serves, and rallies; you recognize the hard and soft game and use the non-volley zone.
  • 4.0 – You are employing variety in your shots with lobs, dinks, block volleys, and drop shots. Your shot speed is increasing, and you are committing fewer unforced errors. You only occasionally notice your footwork limiting your court movement.
  • 4.5 – You are starting to match opponents of a higher level and notice your opponent’s weaknesses. You are beginning to dictate some of the aspects of the game. You have proactive moments rather than being constantly reactive.
  • 5.0 – Your forehands and backhands are starting to win you consistent points against higher-level opponents; your appreciation and execution of the trickier shots are proving effective. Your good footwork enhances your game rather than limiting it.
  • 5.5-6.0 – Your court positioning is effortless and effective. You feel there is a certain mastery to your game, and you are more than holding your own against other top-rated players.