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First Coast Pickleball

Play Pickleball Leagues In Your Area

A Better Pickleball Experience
Fun, Local, Competitive. Pickleball Leagues for Northeast Florida.
Summer Team Season Starts May 13, 2024
Build Friendships That Last
League Play is available for everyone 18+ or 55+. Mixed, Women's, Men's, Seniors.
Summer Team Season Starts May 13, 2024
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We Buy Our Pickleball Gear Locally

We support local business and buy from local stores. We've personally been buying from Go Pro Tennis & Pickleball for over 10 years! They have a dedicated and knowledgeable staff that will take care of you.

Ignore everything else.

Play in our Flex Prize League now!

March 11 - May 19, 2024

It's $20 and features prizes for the Top 3 teams in each division.

Singles and Doubles, just you, or you and a partner.

Prize pool is $200 for Doubles, $100 for Singles.

Everything below and on the rest of the site is about our Team Leagues that won't be happening until Summer and Fall. So just focus on our Flex Prize Leagues.

A Better Pickleball Experience

League Play for ALL of Northeast Florida.

Play pickleball like never before. Join our team-based league play today.
This is a for-fun league, where your team will compete against other local teams in your area over the course of a few months in both home and away matches.
League play is available for Adults (Ages 18+) and Seniors (Ages 55+). Divisions are available from Beginner (2.0) to Advanced (4.5+).
Mixed, Women’s, and Men’s Pickleball Leagues.
There are prizes to be won for the best teams in each division after the season’s playoffs are completed!

$20 First Season Price

Exclusive price for the first season,
Membership to join or create a team is half off!

That’s a discount of $20, available to everyone as a thank you first season bonus!

Per player, per team.
That seems like a win!

Captain A Team

Create your team and recruit players.

Play home and away matches in a competitive, fun, and social pickleball league.

Are you interested in being a captain?

Play With Us

Join with your friends, make new friends, and play pickleball in new places.

Team-based pickleball leagues that don’t count against your rankings.

Get out there and have fun!

Team League Schedule

Winter/Spring 2024

$20 - 18 Weeks

January 22 - May 26

Nov 27 - Registration Opens

Jan 16 - Team Registration Closes

Jan 22 - Play Begins

April 15 - Rain Dates/Make-ups Begin

May 6 - Playoffs Start

~12 weeks for regular play, 3 weeks for make-up matches, 3 weeks for playoffs.

Summer 2024

$20 - 13 Weeks

May 13 - August 11

April 1 - Registration Opens

May 7 - Team Registration Closes

May 13 - Play Begins

July 8 - Rain Dates/Make-ups Begin

July 29 - Playoffs Start

~8 weeks for regular play, 3 weeks for make-up matches, 2 weeks for playoffs.

Fall 2024

$20 - 18 Weeks

Aug 12 - Dec 22

July 8 - Registration Opens

Aug 6 - Team Registration Closes

Aug 12 - Play Begins

Nov 4 - Rain Dates/Make-ups Begin

Dec 2 - Playoffs Start

~12 weeks for regular play, 3 weeks for make-up matches, 3 weeks for playoffs.

Our goal is to provide you with the most amount of play for a reasonable price. The dates above, and the amount of weeks, may differ slightly depending on the amount of participation in your division. Any updates or adjustments to the schedules and/or the proposed dates will be relayed to you and your team directly.

How To Play With Us


Captains are the leaders of their team.
Among other things, you will be responsible for posting scores and lineups per match.

Please visit our Captain’s Corner for a full rundown on the responsibilities expected of you, as well as how to get started.


Players are the core of every team.
You are expected to show up and have fun!

Please visit the link below for more information on joining a team or finding a team.


Seasons consist of home and away matches for each team. Captains communicate with one another and find a time to play their pre-determined matchups each week.

Playoffs are organized after make-up matches are played.


Teamwork is important to us. Providing the best for our members is an even higher priority.

Greater opportunities are present when we work together. 

Rules & Scheduling

The rules of play are currently being finalized, but for the most part, they are common sense. Our official rules will be available before the January 2024 season starts. We will update our site by that time, and we will also notify team captains.

Scheduling at this moment will be formatted in the following manner:

Each team will be assigned an opponent to be played per week, by the week’s end. All matches will be scheduled and viewable at the start of the season (except playoffs). It is up to the captain’s to work together and find a time that will work for that match. One team will be designated as Home and one as Away. The Home team will use their facility for their Home match.

This is flexible team scheduling, and we’re organizing this way due to the current court availabilities. We are working with clubs and facilities on improving the scheduling and getting guaranteed time slots, but this will unlikely be available by January 2024.

Matches & Scoring

Each team will have 3-5 lines of play that will match against their opponents 3-5 lines of play. Your first line (Line 1) will be your strongest players, and your last line (Line 3-5) will be your weakest players.

At this moment, we are only a Doubles Pickleball League, so the lines will be 2 vs 2. We offer Men’s, Women’s, & Mixed teams; both Seniors and Adults divisions.

Scoring is done as follows:

Each game will be played to 11 points, win by 2. Matches are the best two out of three games. If a third game must be played to determine the winner, that game is played to 5 points, win by 2.

In the example: Home won Game 1 and Away won Game 2, so they will need to play Game 3 to determine the winner. Game 3 is played to 5, win by 2.

Match time estimates will range between 30 minutes up to 90 minutes, depending on how closely players are matched in skill level.